Thursday, February 26, 2009

"We all go a little mad sometimes."

Here's the latest artwork I've been working on. This is the house from the movie, Psycho. I've spent a little over a week on this project so far. Most of the modeling is complete on the house, but there's more texturing that needs to be done. I've also ripped most of the normals as well, but haven't had a chance to run an ambient occlusion on it yet. I also imported this into Unreal and created a simple terrain and added a few point lights and junk.

These first renders are basic renders out of 3ds Max with default lighting.

These next renders are screen captures from Unreal 3. I set up a quick terrain/skydome and threw in a few point lights to start off with. This will definitely look better once the windows are textured and the ambient occlusion is applied.

More updates to come.

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